“I had been making cake pops professionally for about a year or so when I came across painting on a cake pop. Cake pops can be such a long and tedious job and I was always looking for ways to make it faster. My work life was getting in the way of being a Mum to my young two boys and was simply stressing me out! I tried using existing recipes and products, but ultimately none of those worked as well as I had hoped. At lunch with a friend, she suggested I try making my own – so I did! After eight months of product development, trying out new formulas and loads of testing done with friends in the cake industry, Edible Art Decorative Paint was born!

I know a lot of decorators out there are Mothers, Wives and incredible human beings who will put everybody first rather than themselves and end up baking and decorating till all hours of the night. I think my product changes this a little for cake decorators because it cuts down a whole lot of time which would otherwise be spent on fiddly details. It’s quick drying, easy to apply and layer if you need to so you can actually finish your job, make more money, finish quicker and maybe even get to bed on time!

The feedback from Decorators using the paints has been really incredible. I’m amazed at the gorgeous pictures people send me and how they tell me it saved their sanity and a ton of time (you can see hundreds of creations via Instagram using the hashtag #edibleartpaint). Thanks so much for supporting my small, Mum-made business and have fun painting!”

We would absolutely love to see your work, or even feature it on our Website and our Social Media pages, so please do share your work! Please share your creations by emailing us at: hello@sweetsticks.com.au or on Social Media using the hash tag #edibleartpaint and tagging @edibleartpaint & @sweetsticksAU