1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Banana Cake. MMm… It’s got fruit in it, so it’s healthy…I guess? 🙂

2. Do you have a guilty pleasure snack?
Deep fried anything… Real guilty pleasure but c’mon now, there ain’t nothing like a good yummy crunch xx

3. How long have you been Cake Decorating for?
I studies patisserie in college, but I was really into continental pastries and the like at that time. I made my first EVER fondant cake back in 2012. A friend asked me to help him make a fondant-type cake and I said “oh yeah sure, no problems” and that afternoon, I was manically googling “How to make fondant cake”. Fun times

4. Why did you choose Cake Decorating?
As cliche as it sounds, I didn’t choose the cake decorating life. The cake decorating life chose me! In all honestly, this was never something I thought I’d do. My initial dream was to be a haute French pastry chef working in a restaurant, but life circumstances came in the way. Life took some unexpected twists and turns, which led me to this Cake Dec path and I’m now so glad and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, now I can work in my pyjama pants, create new cake designs and teach student’s online globally how to decorate cakes via my website :O That’s not something I’d trade for 5am starts anymore and to get to be a part of this amazing cake community too, is pretty special.

5. What is your favourite part about Cake Decorating?
The endless possibilities! Which keeps this craft exciting, fresh and fun. Just when you think it can’t go anywhere new, it does!

6. Where did you learn your Cake Decorating skills?
I believe in exposing oneself to all forms of learning funnels. As mentioned, I have a French fine pastry background, but in respect to Cake Dec, this was a combination of active self learning via online resources, books paired with private classes, hands-on classes and demos. I basically absorbed everything in like a sponge and then.. as I always tell my students.. practice, practice, practice!

7. What is your typical day like, what does it entail?
Oh gosh, every day is different. My days now are rather different to how it was 1 year and a bit ago when I was still running my boutique wedding cake business. Now I run an online learning platform called Sugar Sugar Cake School where I teach student’s globally via Online Video Courses, Pictorials and Cake Business Resources. My week involves tutorial creation, experimenting with new techniques, writing business blog posts, managing social media, teaching caker decorator’s via my Mentorship programme and also teaching private classes. In between that I do a fair deal of mummy-ing & wife-ing too 🙂

8. We know Edible Art Paint is a medium you use, what do you love about it?
What’s not to love about it? It’s hands down my faaaaave decorating medium ever. I love how it dries quick, the colours are true, and it has a matte solid finish. I also adore the fact that it paints.on.EVERYTHING :O

9. What is your #1 piece of advice for the newbies in Cake Decorating?
Keep learning and never stop learning. That’s what’s gonna take you where you wanna go with this craft 🙂

10. Who is your inspiration in the Cake Decorating world?
So many people inspire me, it’s so hard to choose! I’d probably say Avalon Yarnes is someone I respect so much in the online cake community. I had the opportunity to teach her student’s on her online cake school earlier this year and since getting to know her, the gal has a heart of gold. I love it when a person’s character and heart is bigger than their talent (and let me be clear, she has some majjjooor cake chops).