Yes you can.

You can mix any Original paints together to make your own colour and you can mix any Metallic paint together to make your own.

Please note that if you try and mix the Metallics and Originals together you will lose the metallic finish therefore we don’t recommend mixing Metallic and Original paints together.

Original Paints can be used on the following:

– Fondant
– Ganache
– Tempered Chocolate
– Modelling Chocolate
– Chilled Crusted Buttercream (we only recommend American Buttercream recipes)
– Royal Icing
– Sugar Cookies
– Marshmallows
– Gold Leaf
– Fruit ie: Berries
– Macarons
– Gum Paste
– Confectionery


Metallic Paints can be used on the following:
– Fondant
– Chilled Crusted Buttercream (we only recommend American Buttercream recipes)
– Sugar cookies
– Marshmallows
– Confectionery
– Ganache
– Modelling chocolate
– Macarons
– Fruit ie: Berries
– Gum Paste

Yes you most certainly can! To achieve a water colour look for your creations simply add a high grade alcohol, 95% or higher to your paint palette along with a few drops of your desired colour. Alcohol must be high grade (vodka won’t work) For example: Rose Spirit (Australia) Ever Clear (America) Dipping Solution (Europe).

Our original colour range of paints have a drying time that varies between 1-8 hours depending on the surface, how it was painted (how thick the coat has been applied) and the humidity conditions . Humidity can play a big role in drying time so for best results make sure your work space is low humidity or you can run the risk of it not setting at all if it is to humid. We recommend applying thin coats of paint for quick drying time. If a second coat is required – allow time for the first coat to dry well before applying the second coat.

If you need a quicker dry time for your original paints simply add a few drops of high grade alcohol to your paint palette along with your paint.

Our metallic range has a drying time varies from 20 minutes to 6 hours depending on surface, how it was painted and the humidity conditions.

For best results be sure to invest in a quality brush (we recommend Sweet Sticks brushes) and start off with thin coats. Less is more in this case.

Yes the Original and Metallic paints both contain high grade alcohol.

The Original Paints contain 14% high grade alcohol from the glaze component and 14% from ethanol derived from sugar cane.

The Metallic Paints contain 14% from the glaze component.

Shelf life is 24 months from manufacture date.

Yes, we are Kosher Certified.

The colours that are NOT Kosher Certified are:
– Deep Pink
– Lavender
– Lilac
– Magnolia
– Pink Gelato
– Purple
– Watermelon Pink

Our whole range of paints are:

Gluten free
Dairy free
Nut free

Yes we do. Please view our list of stockists here

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For best results hot soapy water straight after you are finished using your brush and then dry off with a paper towel. Please note to keep your brushes in their best condition don’t leave them in the cup of water as they will bend and damage.

Our paints are not designed for an airbrush machine although we have been advised it can.

No – they are cake decorating paint meaning they are to be applied on to your medium once set.

If the paint is painted on and properly air dried, leaving the paint rub free than there not be an after taste. If the product is still wet and in paint form, yes there will be an unpleasant taste as the liquid has not been dried and evaporated.