Jamie Li
Founder of Jamie Cakes SF

Hey it’s Lucie here from @jamiecakesf

What did you have for Breakfast this morning?
Homemade green shake, oatmeal, berries and hard boiled egg.

How long have you been Cake Decorating for?
About 10 years ago I started cake decorating as a hobby. Made the jump from hobby to full time at the beginning of 2020.

Why did you choose Cake Decorating?
Sounds weird, but I don’t think I chose it, it chose me 🙂  If I had to list a reason, it soothes my hidden inner introvert – just me, my cake, my art.

In times of doubt, what do you do to get back into your creative zone?
I take a long shower. That’s where most of my creative ideas come to life. (And the only safe place from my 3 kiddos!  🙂

Where did you learn your Cake Decorating skills?
I have always loved art ever since I was a young kid. Especially street art. I would often joke how I love to play with my food. Honestly, I think having been in the beauty industry and a makeup artist for over 20 years really helped. A lot of the skills as a makeup artist translates seamlessly to cake decorating.

What is your typical day like, what does it entail?
it really depends on the day, but it goes something like this… 6:30am morning prep for the kids,  8am drop kids off to school, 9 -10 emails and task list, 10am – 4pm execute! Depending on the day, it could be sourcing ingredients, operations (marketing, emails, social media, consultation calls), baking, decorating, making decorations, the list never ends. 5pm – 8:30 time family time. 8:30pm – 12pm computer work.

We know Edible Art Paint is a medium you use, what do you love about it?
I love the pigment, the extensive color offerings and the ease of use. I know what I’m getting each time and consistency is key.

What is your #1 piece of advice for the newbies in Cake Decorating?
Keep at it and find your groove! Give yourself time to experiment, try new things, and always try to think outside the box!

Who is your inspiration in the Cake Decorating world?
@donttellcharles, @tortikannuchka, @elena_gunt_cake

Who is your inspiration out of the Cake Decorating world?
Eva Chen, Michelle Obama, Anthony Bourdain