Hello! My name is Jen and I love recreating nature’s blooms and turning them into edible art. 🙂


What did you have for breakfast this morning?
I’d normally have porridge and coffee for breakfast. Though if I’m in a rush, I’d swap the porridge for some leftover cake! 🙂

Do you have a guilty pleasure snack?
Meanies crisps – the pickled onion flavour – and Snickers bar. Like seriously, they’re sinfully good!

How long have you been Cake Decorating for?
The very first “official” cake I made was a 2-tier birthday cake back in March 2015 so it’s been over 3 years now since I’ve been in the cake decorating business.

Why did you choose Cake Decorating?
I didn’t actually choose to be in the cake decorating business. The opportunity just sort of presented itself and I just grabbed it! I’m a theatre nurse by profession. After the Super Typhoon Haiyan calamity in November 2013 in the Philippines, my husband and I decided to hold a bake sale to raise money for his neighbours who got badly affected by the tragedy. After the bake sale was over, a good few of our friends were still looking for our cupcakes. It was January 2014 when we’ve finally decided to make a business out selling cupcakes and so Cupcakes and Counting was born.

In times of doubt, what do you do to get back into your creative zone?
I’d usually leave my work station and put Beyonce on with the volume nearly on full blast. I’d make a cup of strong coffee and give myself time to “regroup”. As cake decorating is very isolating, I usually think of myself as a team and from time to time, I feel like gathering myself together to refocus to get back into the game.

Where did you learn your Cake Decorating skills?
I was self-taught for the most part of my cake decorating career but I did attend classes from world renowned cake artists such as Faye Cahill, Lori Hutchinson, and Maggie Austin!

What is your typical day like, what does it entail?
I used to work 4 days a week as a theatre nurse but I recently took a year off to give my business a chance to grow properly. Nowadays, a typical day for me would include making breakfast for my daughters, tidying up the house and then messing it up again, and then tirelessly and relentlessly working on my cakes from 10am onwards until I don’t see the sun no more! If not working on sugar flowers, you’d find me sketching new and crazy ideas that keep popping in my head!

We know Edible Art Paint is a medium you use, what do you love about it?
The pretty colours! They don’t fade when you start using them on fondant, “what you see is what you get” kinda thing. It’s super easy to use and it dries quickly, a feature that I find really helpful whenever I’m painting with multiple colours. Edible Art Paint, in a way, gives me the freedom to be creative!

What is your #1 piece of advice for the newbies in Cake Decorating?
Never. Ever. Give up! Believe in your inner Beyonce! *dancing red lady emoji* Be patient and passionate, great things take time. Be inspired and don’t forget to have fun, that’s where the magic begins!

Who is your inspiration in the Cake Decorating world?
There’s actually a lot of creative individuals who inspire me every single day, however, the sweet Alisha Henderson and the amazing Maggie Austin influence my work big time!